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Sampler Pack

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BL Plastic Containers has put together a Sampler Pack for the beginner beekeeper who cant decide on which bottle is going to sell the best to family, friends, or down at the local farmers market. This could also be for the experienced beekeeper looking for more variety in there display shelves or bottling that specialty flavored honey. In the Sampler Pack, we put together some of our most popular containers in the most popular sizes to help you get a feel of whats going to be the big mover in your area. There are a total of 144 containers with lids to get you started bottling your success in the bee yard. 

Available Packages

24 ea. 2 oz. Bear w/cap

24 ea. 6 oz. Bear w/cap

36 ea. 12 oz. Bear w/cap

12 ea. 16 oz. Inverted Honeycomb Pattern w/cap

24 ea. 8 oz. Classic Container w/cap

12 ea. 16 oz. Classic Container w/cap

12 ea. 32 oz. Classic Container w/cap

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