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Honey Containers

We have a special interest in bees and honey. We even have our own bees and honey to better understand the honey industry. When you choose BL Plastic Containers, know that we take a true interest in your business and want to provide you with the best honey bottles and containers that will meet your needs and set you apart from the rest.

Honey Bottles

We have honey bottles of all shapes and sizes. Here is a look at the different types of containers we offer:

  • Many sizes and styles of bears
  • Closures of all sizes
  • Honey skeps from 16 oz. to 2 lb.
  • 5 lb. clear honey bottles
  • 2 sizes of upside down honey bottles
  • 10 oz. pet jar for honey and creamed honey
  • 3 & 5 lb.. Sq. honey bottles
  • 2 lb. honey bottles
  • 12 oz. Cylinders for honey 

Visit our Full Product Line for a listing of our Honey Bottles.

Bear Honey Bottle

The bear honey bottle is a classic in the honey industry. Our 12 oz. bear honey bottle is one of our biggest sellers. We offer by  the case purchasing and are happy to provide you with the quantity of bear honey bottles that you need.


If you aren't sure which one of our honey bottles to choose, or don't see the one you are looking for, please give us a call at 515.266.6112.

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